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I'm watching X-Files in this devID, but I feel like I could potentially be watching Doctor Who as well. Perhaps then I would be holding a plushie Dalek :heart: I love the idea of a plushie Dalek!

Favourite cartoon character: Superman, God on South Park (yeah, he makes me giggle)
so i thought it was bout time for a new journal entry. But honestly, life is suckish and boring.

Most of my friends live out of town or else are in school right now, and I don't have a full-time job yet, SOOO this has been my life lately: work at part time job for $9/hr. Twitter. Watch Doctor Who. Watch British comedy. Watch the Office. Procrastinate from doing some writing. Go for tea. Mope around. Work. Who. Twitter. Mope. Repeat :(

So yeah. Being "an adult" and not going to school is the worst thing ever when there aren't any jobs. Cos you have to live at home, can't really go out and meet people, and your only solace is television. Writing is even hard because you've no one to share it with and no one to check up on you to see how it's coming.

so I guess I've been a bit depressed. Oh, but there's some good news- I get a new DS game tomorrow cos Scribblenauts comes out! Woot. that's about it.

PS. title is three way pop culture reference. The relatively sad claymation movie "Year Without a Santa Claus" (but don't worry, Santa delivers presents at the end. It's a kids movie, people!) The evil robot Santa from Futurama, and the robot santas from The Christmas Invasion episode of Doctor Who (they were also in Voyage of the Damned, I think)
  • Mood: Miserable
  • Reading: books about writing
  • Watching: Who (classic), The Office (US). Little Britain

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